Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Shop At Cedar Springs Cannabis For The First Time?2022-05-06T13:01:33-05:00

You are always welcome to come down to our store to shop in person if you bring a valid photo ID.  We are open from 10am-9pm Monday through Saturday and noon-6pm on Sunday.

If you would like to place your order online prior to coming to the store, please SHOP ONLINE click on MENU, and signup for a new online account with your valid photo ID. After your account is set up, you can add items to your cart and checkout. Once your order is placed, you can come to the store to pickup your order.

If you need help or have any other questions, please feel free to call or text the Cedar Springs Cannabis Help Desk at (616)-263-9279.

What Are Cedar Springs Cannabis’ Store Hours?2022-02-18T10:44:18-05:00

We are open from 10am-9pm Monday through Saturday and noon-6pm on Sunday.

Does Cedar Springs Cannabis Deliver?2022-05-02T17:44:46-05:00

Delivery is not available at this time.  Please check back often for updates.

What Is The Address Of Cedar Springs Cannabis?2022-02-18T10:44:39-05:00

10 Main St. Cedar Springs, MI 49319

What Is Cedar Springs Cannabis Return Policy?2022-02-18T10:44:51-05:00

Michigan state law does not allow anything with THC to be returned to the store. Some customer issues and instances arise in which a product needs to be “returned” to the store. These instances are evaluated case by case by a manager.

Where Can I Park At Cedar Springs Cannabis?2022-02-18T10:45:03-05:00

You can park anywhere on Main St every day of the week. Public Parking is also available near the store. Please note you may not block any driveways or parking lot entrances at any time for any reason.

I Do Not Live In Michigan, Can I Still Shop At Cedar Spring Cannabis?2022-02-18T10:45:15-05:00

Yes, you only need a valid Government issued photo ID that proves that you are at least 21 years old.

What Taxes Are Being Applied To My Purchase At Cedar Springs Cannabis?2022-02-18T10:45:35-05:00

16% Excise Tax and 6% Sales Tax are charged on cannabis products.  Only 6% Sales Tax is charged on non-cannabis products.

What Form Of Identification Is Accepted At Cedar Springs Cannabis?2022-02-18T10:45:46-05:00

We accept any government issued photo ID with a valid expiration date. Some examples are:

  • Driver’s License
  • Identification Card
  • Passport
Do I Need An ID To Purchase Cannabis At Cedar Springs Cannabis?2022-02-18T10:46:18-05:00

Yes, you will need to bring a valid government issued photo ID with you when shopping at Cedar Springs Cannabis. We do not accept expired IDs.

Why Does Cedar Springs Cannabis Scan My ID?2022-02-18T10:46:26-05:00

Michigan cannabis laws require licensed dispensaries, like Cedar Springs Cannabis, to verify the validity of the ID and the age of each customer. The ID scanner automates both of those checks and provides more accurate verification of authenticity. We also scan your ID to retrieve your customer account. The State of Michigan requires licensed dispensaries to internally link each cannabis transaction to a person’s account so that daily purchase limits can be tracked.

Does Cedar Springs Cannabis Share My Data With Other Companies Or Governments?2022-06-06T11:21:52-05:00

Cedar Springs Cannabis has never sold customer data. We do use anonymized customer data to improve the way we provide service to our customer base. We take consumer privacy and data very seriously. View our Privacy Policy here.

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How Do I Place An Order On Cedar Spring Cannabis’ Website?2022-05-02T16:56:53-05:00

To place an online order, please visit our website and use the main menu to shop online. You will need to sign in to your account or create a new one if you have not done so already. You can then place any item in your cart and then checkout to place your order. Once your order is placed, you are more than welcome to come down to the store to pick it up at any time. If you need any help or have any other questions, please feel free to call or text the Cedar Springs Cannabis Help Desk at (616)-263-9279.

Does Cedar Springs Cannabis Offer Discounts For Seniors?2022-02-18T11:32:24-05:00

Yes, we offer a 10% discount to seniors over the age of 65.

Does Cedar Springs Cannabis Have A Rewards Program For Customers?2022-06-06T11:13:53-05:00

Yes, enrollment in Club CSC is COMING SOON and start earning 1 point for every non-tax dollar you spend at Cedar Springs Cannabis. You can then use those points to redeem products from the menu for $.01. Detailed information about our rewards program can be read here.

Do My Club CSC Rewards Points Expire?2022-02-18T11:34:47-05:00

Yes, Club CSC points expire if not used within 6 months.

How Do I Join Club CSC?2022-05-02T16:44:06-05:00

At this time our Club CSC is not yet available.  Check back often to see if you are able to join.

How Do I Redeem My Club CSC Points?2022-05-02T16:41:37-05:00

Simply place a regular order for any product on the menu that you would like to buy and either prepay or come down to the store to checkout for that order. At checkout, let you budtender know that you would like to also redeem some of your Club CSC points and then pull up your online wallet and click redeem on the product you want and show the budtender the coupon. Your product will then be added to your cart for only $.01. Please do not redeem products in your online wallet when you are not physically at the store in front of a budtender. If you are having any issues with your points or are unable to find your rewards wallet, please call or text the Cedar Springs Cannabis Help Desk at (616)-263-9279.

What Are Cedar Springs Cannabis’ Online Ordering Hours?2022-02-18T10:50:57-05:00

Our online shopping cart is on 24/7. Orders placed while we are closed will be serviced the following day.

Does Cedar Springs Cannabis Offer Discounts For Veterans?2022-02-18T11:33:02-05:00

Yes, we offer veterans a 10% discount if they bring in their discharge form DD-214, a VA card, or any other form of identification issued by any branch of the military.

Can I Transfer My Club CSC Rewards Points To Another Member?2022-02-18T11:34:24-05:00

No, your Club CSC points are non-transferrable.

Can I Place An Online Order At Cedar Springs Cannabis But Have Someone Else Pick It Up?2022-02-18T11:28:44-05:00

No, all cannabis purchases need to be made by the ID holder that matches the name on the customer order.

Is There An ATM Available At Cedar Springs Cannabis?2022-05-02T16:50:20-05:00

Yes. An ATM is located inside the showroom floor. A fee will be applied for every withdrawal made from the onsite ATM.

Does Cedar Springs Cannabis Offer Discounts For Persons With Disabilities?2022-05-02T16:47:38-05:00

Yes, we offer a 10% discount to persons covered under disability/SSI. An election letter should be provided annually to maintain the active discount.

Do I Need To Visit Cedar Springs Cannabis First Before Ordering Online?2022-02-18T11:29:17-05:00

Not at all, you can sign up for a new online account on your phone or computer using your valid photo ID or sign in to an existing one and place an online prepaid order at any time before coming down to the store.

If I Prepay For My Online Order How Long Will Cedar Springs Cannabis Hold It For Me?2022-02-18T11:29:45-05:00

Customers that prepay for their order online will have their order packed and set aside by Cedar Springs Cannabis staff. Paid orders will be held until the customer arrives to pick it up. Paid orders are held overnight, and indefinitely. Our Help Desk team will reach out to customers that have paid but not yet picked up their order.

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